Code of Conduct

The Harrison Public Library strives to provide a welcoming, safe, clean, and comfortable library experience for all. The Library will not deny or abridge service on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or religion; on the basis of social, economic, or political status; or on the basis of mental, emotional, or physical condition.

These rules were adopted to ensure that the rights and privileges of all Library users are protected. Library visitors, by utilizing the Library's services, agree to refrain from:

In order to ensure a clean and safe community space, here are additional rules that Library visitors are expected to follow:

PLEASE NOTE: The Harrison Public Library has specific policies dealing with Food and Beverages in the Library, Children in the Library, and Use of Library Computers. In addition to the rules listed above, these policies are also to be strictly adhered to. All of the Library's policies are posted on its website,, and available from the Library staff on request.

This Code of Conduct, along with other policies of the Harrison Public Library, is not intended to be a complete list of violations. The Library reserves the right to take action against any behavior which can reasonably be deemed offensive or disturbing. The Library staff is authorized to expel any person who does not follow the above rules and to contact the police department if necessary.

Breaches of any Library policy are also grounds for the denial or revocation of Library privileges. Library visitors whose privileges have been revoked will be notified in writing and will have the right to appeal the decision to the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees. The Library will seek full restitution for any damage to Harrison Public Library property or material.

Reviewed and approved by the Harrison Public Library Board of Trustees, 6/7/10. Revised 5/4/2015.