Meet the Author: Kelvin V. Smith

Kelvin V. Smith's book: The Unlikely Candidate

The Friends of the Harrison Public Library and the Joseph Acocella Jr. Memorial Fund welcome Kelvin V. Smith to discuss his book, "The Unlikely Candidate - An Amazing Journey of a Heart Transplant Patient" Monday, April 8 at 7:00pm at the Harrison Public Library.

Kelvin V. Smith has been a heart transplant recipient for over four years. Today he is an inspirational speaker as a volunteer for The New York Organ Donor Network. A mentor to kids in his area, he is on the steering committee to establish a Boys and Girls Club in Ramapo, New York. He also serves on the board for Rockland Parent Child Center and Family Connections that advocates for underserved individuals and families in his hometown of Rockland County, New York.

His book “The Unlikely Candidate – An Amazing Journey of a Heart Transplant Patient” is right on cue with the title. Always the athlete, he prided himself on continuously staying active and fit, but at age 37 an obstacle came his way. Digging deep into his faith, as well as modern technology, Kelvin received the ultimate gift from an angel, a new heart. “I give praise and thanks to my donor and his family to making the tremendous decision at such a difficult time, which saved my life.”

Kelvin graduated from Fayetteville State University with a degree in biology. Currently, he is a Grade IA water treatment operator, and also a business owner. He and his wife live in Rockland where they have raised five children.